My New Kiln Arrives

I began learning ceramics so I could make some lovely pots for my bonsai trees. I did not realise I would become enchanted with the malleability of clay and the quest for a perfect glaze.

I fired my first pots in the Central Coast Potters Society electric kilns but longed for the magic that happens in a reduction firing. I bought myself a second hand    ( some 20 years old) gas kiln and when I had gained some confidence in firing this I ordered a new kiln from Steve Harrison – some what of a pottery legend himself!

My gorgeous new kiln arrived on the 13th of June on a truck complete with crane. After some fiddling we managed to fit the kiln in my shed. Two roof panels were swapped around so the flue and chimney connected. Now I have to wait 2 weeks for the gas installer and I will be ready to fire my pots.

My Gorgeous New Kiln

My Gorgeous New Kiln

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