Lotus Pot – Commission

Michael requested a lotus pot approximately 300mm x 300 x 12 then showed me an image of a stunning pot made by internationally famous potter, which was his inspiration. “And can I have it glazed in copper red?”

Gulp. ” I will try but make you no promises.”

I threw multiple pots and altered them to create the lotus curves, but was not satisfied with any of them. So I sculptured a lotus pot in solid clay and then made a mould in plaster. It was big in size and took weeks to dry and then I could not lift it.

Months have now passed and the mould is now ready to slip cast the pot. It took another few weeks to dry before it was ready to bisque fire. Finally I have reached step one with no cracks.

Glazing was another challenge as the pot was too big to fit in a clay bucket and an awkward size to pour a glaze over evenly.

I placed the lotus pot in the best spot in the kiln for heavy reduction firing and was anxious an attentive through the 10 hours of the gas firing, starting reduction at 900 degrees C. I then fired through to cone 10, approximately 1300 degrees C.

Another two days for the kiln to cool before I could look and see. Would the kiln gods be kind or would a have a splotchy red pot or a pot with no red at all?

Thanks Michael for the challenge!

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