First firing- pots and glazes

I have been experimenting with textures and glazes and combinations therein. So much still to learn – trying to remember it is the journey not the destination that is important!


Lichen crescent pot


Distressed  round pot 19cm diameter


Oval pot 14cm at widest pt


Love this zinc glaze


Ist Firing

25th July2015

6 weeks passed and still I have not got the gas connected. My gas installer became very ill and I am now on the waiting list for another gas man. Kiln is packed and I wait!


August 6th

Today is the day. Scary but very exciting. Can I get the temperature rise just right? Will I manage a good reduction atmosphere in the kiln. So much to learn.

10 hours later – firing is complete. Well there were a few steep learning curves…the flames going up the chimney were not planned…opened the damper and eased up on the  reduction …and now I wait 2 days before it will be cool enough to open.

August 8th

Pretty pleased!


My New Kiln Arrives

I began learning ceramics so I could make some lovely pots for my bonsai trees. I did not realise I would become enchanted with the malleability of clay and the quest for a perfect glaze.

I fired my first pots in the Central Coast Potters Society electric kilns but longed for the magic that happens in a reduction firing. I bought myself a second hand    ( some 20 years old) gas kiln and when I had gained some confidence in firing this I ordered a new kiln from Steve Harrison – some what of a pottery legend himself!

My gorgeous new kiln arrived on the 13th of June on a truck complete with crane. After some fiddling we managed to fit the kiln in my shed. Two roof panels were swapped around so the flue and chimney connected. Now I have to wait 2 weeks for the gas installer and I will be ready to fire my pots.

My Gorgeous New Kiln

My Gorgeous New Kiln