Denise Allen- About Bonsai Ceramics

Welcome to my blog on bonsai ceramics.

I live on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

 I began pottery about 10 years ago and was quickly became addicted to clay. I had been enjoying bonsai since the 1990’s and making bonsai pots was a natural progression.

I love free form pots but also love refined classic pots. I have a gas kiln and fire up to Cone 10     ( 1300 degrees C), and I am still experimenting with textures, reduction firing, oxides washes and the application of multiple glazes on the one pot.

It is a joy to have a bonsai artist show me their tree in a pot I made, as well as seeing my trees and pots on my benches at home. 

Throughout the posts on this site my aim is to educate bonsai artists about age old craft of making bonsai pots.

Denise Allen

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